Is my trans failing?

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09 Fusion SE with 3.0 V6 and 6 speed auto. Currently has check engine light on for a P0010 (A Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit / Open Bank 1). I know that is a cracked VVT actuator from when I changed spark plugs and valve cover gaskets. ABS light and TCS light are on, scan says right rear sensor is shot.

Just yesterday it started revving erratically while driving at low speed (10 - 20 MPH), where the tach would indicate engine speed jumping back and forth quickly from 1k to 3.5k RPM with no increase in vehicle speed. It's only intermittent and happens for a moment before smoothing out.

Current mileage is 210,670 and trans has never been serviced. Trans fluid is full, but very dirty. At this point I won't do a trans flush as it will most likely destroy the trans completely.

I have already replaced front wheel bearings, hubs, calipers, rotors and pads on both sides. The left rear caliper was done about a year ago. Right rear is still stock, so may possibly be starting to seize up. Both front calipers were replaced due the slide pins getting seized completely in and not possible to remove for greasing.

I'm not getting any trouble codes for transmission, but considering the mileage and having never been serviced, I'm wondering if it's starting to go out.

I'll check for any vacuum leaks and may do a compression test just to eliminate those possibilities. Any other recommendations?
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So it's not constant, but every once in a while it's slipping a bit from 1st gear going into 2nd.

Going to put in some Lucas trans fix for now and see what happens
Just an update, almost certain it's not trans related.
Replaced right rear wheel speed sensor and added the Lucas trans fix and the problem persists.
The TCS light will flash a few times at the point where it should shift up to 2nd. After a few flashes the TCS light will stay on and the shifting problem stops. I'm thinking it needs a ABS/TCS control module or maybe bad wiring from the control module to the wheel speed sensors. Also noticed my trans mount is starting to crack in the rubber bushing, it's a new mount that was just put in about 5 months ago (less than 2k miles of driving on it).
I'll get it all sorted out and post what the outcome is.
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So scanned the ABS system again and there's no codes, even though the ABS and TC lights are still on.
Chances are likely that I'll need to replace rear wheel bearings. Already did front ones.
If that's not the problem, I'm thinking something to do with the cruise control since I'm not able to turn it on at all.
Either way, I'll know more soon.
I have solved the problem!
Turns out it was the brand new wheel speed sensor I put in was not picking up a good enough signal. The issue was due to not clearing all the rust from the bracket where the sensor bolts on to the wheel hub/spindle bracket.
Got it all cleaned up and re-mounted the sensor. It now has the proper clearance from the reluctor ring. A short drive and it cleared the ABS and TC MILs.
The erratic revving has also stopped and it will shift smoothly on all gears!!
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Glad you got it solved without any replies here, that helps others at least!
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Glad you got it solved without any replies here, that helps others at least!
That's the joy of being a tech, we get all the fun stuff :ROFLMAO:
Either way, I should have cleaned up that area way better while doing the job in the first place!
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