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Just read an article today on line that indicated the 2007 Ford Fusion will have options including an Audiophile 6 disc CD changer that has Sirius satellite capability and a built-in connector for Ipods.  It's a shame I bought a first year virgin model and will have to spend the extra cash to finally get what I really wanted. I have searched since purchase date in late January 2006 for an OEM radio solution to be able to use satellite radio and Ipod in my fusion with no success. As many others here have stated, am NOT looking for an aftermarket radio. Would like to retain use of steering wheel buttons for convenience.   

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not my post but maybe this will help. It is basically 2 adapters that hook up to your factory radio to be able to use external MP3 players. You also dont loose your steering wheel controls. Again hope it helps.

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Re: Aux RCA Input on CD/6 CD Player
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Here is what you need:

This allows for aux input into the back of your 6 disc premium. When following the instructions, please note that the dip switch settings are incorrect. Turn on switches 1, 2, and 3. After that hook all the cables up and you are set to have aux audio coming into your stereo. Very handy for all the useres without ipods or any other type of audio that you want to bring into your stereo.

If you have an ipod and you want to charge it you can get one of these:

This allows line levels out so you dont use the click wheel to adjust the volume, and allows you to charge your ipod at the same time. It connects through the dock connector for audio out and charging.

Just get a line level out converter. it goes from speaker level out and converts to line level out (RCA). This works great for installing amps.

EDIT: I saw people were tlaking about two different things so i put rca in and rca out for clarification.
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