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If you ever had this problem intermittent stalling:a:....& had the plugs changed and fuel filter and plug wires and coil pack changed to no avail...then read on.

Ok a buddy of mine has a 02' Taurus,with a 3.0v6, his wifes car. Around 124k on the clock....had this issue with intermitant stalling, when either braking or tiring to pull away from a stop. BUT it always restarted. After doing a tune up, spark plugs and a coil pack, that yielded no real results. Yes I said HAD.

He got to chatting with another service tech about it....he mentioned that he had the very same issue with his car...drove him crazy for months, but finally found it. and that tech has never run on to another one yet.

The problem is that the main wiring harness rubs on the A/C line near the fire wall on the passenger side....after about a 110-130k miles this wears the insulation through a couple of wires

The solution is to remove the main wiring harness from the fire one can get it out for better inspection and repair...peal back the harness sleeve and tape up the affected wires & put it back together. we slide some water pipe insulation in between the main wiring harness and the A/C line and zip tied it all together so to keep things tidy . end of problem

Just thought I would post this so others who maybe having this issue can perhaps find this useful
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