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Hey y’all. I need some opinions. I have a 2006 fusion with the 2.3/4 Cylinder. At times while idling, the engine will have excessive vibrations. It also seems to stumble/buck while cruising between 50-60, which is also intermittent. I have replaced the spark plugs and valve cover gasket/ spark plug seals, also replaced the transmission mount/engine mount. The underside mount(torque mount) is not broken or worn at all, I even removed it and inspected it. The intermittent engine vibration is more harsh when the A/C cycles on, then gets less harsh when it cycles off. It is almost non existent when the A/C is not on at all. I have also noticed that when driving with the windows down and A/C off i can hear a whistling noise while accelerating(sounds similar to a turbo). I have sprayed carb cleaner/brake parts cleaner(method of checking for vacuum leak) all around the engine bay while idling and there was no increase in RPM’s. I did clean the throttle body, which had a “normal” amount of carbon build up, after cleaning the Throttle Body I did notice that it shifts smoother and the vibration seems to be less harsh, but still very noticeable.
So while cruising between 50-60 MPH, there is an intermittent bucking/ stumble, it does it most days, but then it won’t do it for a day or two. It does not have any Check engine lights or stored codes at all. Anyone experience this issue? Any help would be appreciated!
The whistle noise you're hearing is probably just the throttle body opening. Normally the stock intake muffles it pretty well but it's completely normal to hear with an aftermarket cold air or ram intake. I would double check that all of the hose clamps associated with the intake but otherwise I'd consider it normal.

Have you looked at the other 2 mounts? Typically the mount the will cause the most immediate vibration when it fails is the upper transmission on the driver's side.

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