Installing New Springs?

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Ok, I AM going to order some H&R's in the very near future. Given the fact that I only have a basic hydraulic floor jack at my disposal, can I perform this installation myself? I am mostly worried about having enough room to work with under the car. Plus, are the springs easy to remove and install or is any type of spring tension relief tool required?

If I have a local shop install the springs, are there any questions that I should ask before having them installed? Do all of the bolts really need to be tightened with the car on the ground or can the springs be installed in the air without worrying about binding in the bushing department?

In other words, are these springs idiot-proof enough for me to install them in my driveway without any help other than my jack?
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Thanks for the reply Waldo. Got another question. Why would the suspension bind if the bushings are tightened when the suspension is in the extended position as opposed to the compressed position? I know the bushings are soft, does this allow for lateral movement of the wheel? The upper and lower control arms should allow for a specific type of wheel movement when encountering a bump. How is that wheel movement compromised when tightening the bushings while the car in suspended in the air?
Ah, that makes perfect sense now. Why do they use rubber bushings instead of solid bushings that are not subject to torsional, twisting loads? It seems like solid bushings would eliminate the spring effect of the rubber bushings and would provide better wheel alignment under heavy cornering situations.
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