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Well I was thinking about getting some Hid's for my car. Now what I need to know is my buddy has a nissan altima and it came with the, I don't know what to call them but I think they are hid's. Is that when your turn your lights on then they flicker on and shine like a kewl blue? Because that is the look that I am looking for. So if anyone had some ideas as to what direction I should take then please feel free to hit me up. Thanks!!!!!!

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There are HID's which are typically stock. Other people get xeons, or zeons, I can't spell it; that is blue at an angle, and white straight on.

Both xenon kits and the stock H.I.D lights will do that effect.  It is called cut-off color or light.  You can notice them more on projectors.  But if you where to spend the cash.  Go with a retro fit.  Car will look more exotic and rare and worth the invesment.  Xenon kits are good but then illegal.  It is all on what you can afford basiclly.  Retro fits will run up to $600-$1000.

H.I.D projector and housing-$200-$350
D2S or D2R H.I.D light ballast-$300-$400
Bulbs- $80 a pair
a pair of 06 fusion headlamps-$300
And wires-$50

It may be less or more.  It all varies on the setup up you want to do.  Remember it is expensive because this is what all expensive luxury-sporty cars come with from factory. (BMW,Mercedes,Nissan,Acura,Lincon,Lexus,and ect..).

Good luck  :goodjob:
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