I no longer drive a Fusion...

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3 turned into a "CD338"!

Now, before some of you go all crazy on calling it stupid, dumb, or whatnot -- I will not be affected. Sure, it's a Fusion. I like to be a little different, and the platform is the "CD338", and there are websites devoted to the CD338. Anyway, when you look up the Fusion on Wikipedia, and do searches, they cross-reference each other all the time.

Also, people don't know what the heck a "Fusion" is anyway, especially on that has the kit on it like mine. Might as well help confuse them some more and allow for good stores from the Ford dealer, "Some lady came in today asking me what a Ford CD338 is, Bob."

Anyway, I absolutely love it. It looks a little jaggerd and/or crooked or something in the pictures -- I assure you it is straight :)

Just don't go copying me! I sent some to my sister, as she is taking her car to Hawaii. We'll be the only one's out there rolling with the CD338.

Also, I am in the process [long long process] or going somewhat "Euro" with my car, and I figure all the BMW's, Lexus's and Mercedes and nearly every other European car uses a numbering system with a letter abbreviation system. Now I am one step closer!

Please, tell me what you think honestly...constructive criticism.

:Next visual modification -- exhaust!
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I like it, the lip spoiler isn't to bad either. I'm going to do some kind of spoiler, but I want spmething a little more pronoused.
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