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i bought my car back in november. the dealer had just gotten them 6 weeks earlier. as soon as i walked inside the dealership and seen it sitting on the showroom floor, i knew i wanted it. i didnt even know what it was yet, i just loved the look of it. i got a tungsten silver with all black interior. the white stitching on the black leather seats makes it look a little more sporty. it has every option available. and im still finding new things on the car. i actually had to sit down and read the entire manual to find out what all it could do. it made me happy to be able to say i had the first one in my town. i turned heads everywhere i went and people would stop me to look at the inside of the car. i love all the room it has. it fits a family of four very well. plenty of leg room in back even for adults. i ended up financing 24,000 which i didnt think was too bad considering everything available on the car. now im looking for custom parts to add to it but no one in my area has anything yet. if anyone knows a website to order anything, please let me know. THANKS AND ENJOY!! :D
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