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My wait is finally over, I got my car on 03/31 after placing the order in January and have just been having a blast driving it and showing it off. :D

It's so much more comfortable than the car I'm used to drivnig ('02 Civic SI coupe). I love the new car smell and the heated leather seats are great, I've never had a car with leather before and I have to say that I love it.

The car is a Black SEL I4, automatic, Black leather int, Fully loaded except I didn't opt for the sunroof or stereo upgrades as I liked the standard stereo just fine.

I can't say enough good things about this car, and It seems that ford really got it right.

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Oh yes, they really are nice. Best of luck to you, with your new ride! :)
Congrats Fusion_One!!!!! :D It sounds like it was definitely worth the wait!! :D How many miles have you racked up so far? Any complaints?

I spoke to my salesman today, system is showing my Fusion SE is scheduled to be built end of next week/end of month. That will take me to 8 weeks 8). I am getting so antsy :wink:

Boblamp I have to say it was definitely worth the wait. I've got just over 2000 kms on it now and I love every minute of driving it. I have people neck breaking to look at the car as I'm cruising around.

People can't believe how far ahead ford has come with this car, but most people can't believe I bought a family sedan as I'm only 23, but once they see it they finally start to understand.

I've got no complaints about the car and I hope you get yours soon!! :cheers:
Post some pics of your car! I wanna see it!
No Problem Sarah, I really want to take some pics too. I haven't had the chance, I guess I've spent too much time driving!!

I really liked the pics you posted and the colours you chose. The weather here is pretty crappy today so I'll post the pics hopefully by this weekend when I have some time to wash it up and take the shots.
Well, I decided to wash it up and take the pics today, it was a bit chilly but at least the sun came out. Here they are (I took quite a few)

I had to tint the windows, I put a limo tint on the rear and 35 % on the front.

I have more pics but No idea how to post them, Hope you ejnoyed the pics that are there.
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That thing really shines. I really like those stock alloy wheels! :goodjob:
Looks great - I have the same floor mats. Best $15 spent yet and they have been in two cars to date.
Thanks for the compliments. I love the way the car shines once it's all cleaned up. I think it's almost turned into an obsession to keep it clean & shiny.

I do love the stock alloy wheels (I upsized 2 in on my civic) and I was going to change them over to an 18 or possibly a 19, but I love the ride quality too much. Instead I'm just going to get some black steel wheels & tires for the crappy winter and take the stocks off and keep them in my basement. Once the Michelins are on the way out I'll swap over to a high performance summer tire on stock wheels.

Also Captinhook I have to agree, those floormats are way better than messing up the carpets. They were a gift along with the tinted windows.

I hope you all are having the same fun with the car I am.  :D
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