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I changed the oil (not the filter - no need!) yesterday. I had 507 miles on the car and used Pennzoil 5W20 dino. I saw on the Mazda forum that there is a big plastic engine cover that has to be removed and has about 10 bolts (not fun). Ford uses the same cover but has a removable disc (diner plate sized) that comes off with a 1/4 turn (nice :D ) by hand so ya can get to the oil pans's drain bolt. The oil filter has a "trap door" type cover that has two bolts holding it but I won't get into that 'till I have 5K miles on her. The suspension looks pretty trick - no wonder it rides and handles so well. I like the way the half-shafts go right thru the middle of the lower strut supports, I've never seen that before. Overall everything underneath the Fusion looks pretty tidy and well laid out.  8)
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