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Joey McAneney
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My critique

First off I would like to say how sorry I am for not being able to write the critique for you. The truth is I have 4 test on Friday and everyday up to then has been spent on other test or studying for these three. Also I’ve had to work during every art event that has gone on. This did not allow me to view the Melbourne Art Festible and the others. By the way I am very disappointed that you did not stop by my work during the Melbourne Art Festable. You told me that you probably would be busy but you would make time to stop in and say hi. We are a full liquor bar and I know you are a wine fan so you should come over the summer and try our explicit list of wines. We carry Blackstone as our house wine, BV as a our house chard., and we carry other brands also. The environment is really awesome as we have a martini
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