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I'm trying to put all the parts together for this, but I wanted others ideas on how we might make this work to our benefit...

Basically, the radio station I work for is planning (as of about two hours ago) to do a live remote broadcast to raise money for donation to the relief efforts benefiting Hurricane Katrina. Since I doubt that we, as a forum, have any money to donate, I'm hoping to get in contact with a local dealer, have them spot me a '05 SP23 Fully Loaded, slap a large forums sticker on the window, and of course they'd have to donate some money along witht he car that day.

Though I guess I could start a PayPal account to the effect - which may be a great idea, we can collect from all members on the board and donate it....

Let me know your thoughts. Regardless, I'm trying to round up San Jose members for this effort, just as a simple meet in the morning at a charity event for a national crisis.

This all goes down next Thursday though, and the details are thin as of yet, but I'm hoping to nail down a dealer this weekend.
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