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Bernard W. Kindt
By Joey McAneney
To start things off I would like to give you the layout of my painting. The measurements are roughly 2 feet by 4 feet. The painting can be seen as two different things, golf coarse or bodies of water and land. My perception of the painting was that it looked like a scene out of the Everglades. Other classmates of mine made fun of me and told me that it wasn’t water that I was looking at but sand and they thought it was a golf course. Either way the artist made a painting of a distant view. The painting seems to be an overhead view of about two acres of land. The piece of art includes the sky, clouds, trees, water, and grass land. The art is done in a way that makes it almost seem cartoonish. The picture is definitely surreal because of the color scheme and smooth figures. The picture seems to flow perfectly together as you stream through it with your eyes. It is almost like your eyes float across the painting like a person would float down a lazy river. No sharp detail to figures makes everything seem simple and easy to follow. The colors also might be another reason why the painting stood out so much to me. Bernard used colors throughout this painting that made it stand out from the rest. Bright colors seemed to light up right in front of you. The grass land is a clear example of a bright color that seems to be a neon light and light up right in front of you. It seems as if the painting was to be perceived as the sun raising or the sun falling. Bernard used contrasting colors to help create the illusion. He works on many different projects at once so he could not give me a base time on how long it takes to make one of his paintings.

The artist painted in oils on gesso sized rag paper and a stretched canvas. I was also fortunate enough to interview Bernard W. Kindt himself. Bernard believed that his images of landscapes and interiors exude a surreal edge. His paintings are conceptually constructed and seek to import and emotional psyche that often extends into a realm of symbolic revelation. Bernard believed it was import to realize the artist need not experience in actual life every emotion he can express. Through manipulation of his created elements, he discovers new possibilities of feelings, strange moods, perhaps greater concentrations of passion than his own temperament could ever produce. Bernard tries to envisage that works of art are not of this world, but emanate from the human spirit that travels the path to self-realization. To be honest Bernard seemed very cocky during his interview. He kept telling me about his talent of art and how he was born with the great talent that he has and he is just plain out awesome when it comes to art. In his words “I am really good, I mean look what people say about me”. I giggled a little after his comment but then realized he actually is that good.

The painting seems to fun for the eye. It’s not dark or mysterious but rather more inviting and open. This picture would not be found in a dark room but more like a lively living room with lots of light. The colors that mainly dominate this painting are green and white. I think this pictures most attractive attribute are the colors though. We were walking past Bernard W. Kindt’s booth when it caught my eye. Everyone in my group wanted to keep walking but I was amazed by the colors. How did he make the colors stand out so much and seem like they were glowing? He told me it was just something he has been doing since a young kid and he loves it. He told me that he doesn’t have an internet website because he believes the internet is killing art. He thinks that art should be seen right in front of your face so that you get to see everything that is presented and so that you don’t just see a picture of the painting. Bernard told me that art like this is something that your eyes have to experience for themselves. His brush strokes almost seem nonexistent because of how smooth everything in the paining is. The painting almost seems to be of a perfect scene. There really are no signs of bad weather or wind running through the grass or anything. It’s more of a perfect setting a surreal look to it.
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