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Lowering Springs vs Performance Springs - Marketing Categories

The main difference between Lowering Springs and Performance Springs is best summed up by a simple definition of each. For the most part, performance springs are designed to help your car realize its optimum handling capabilities. Lowering springs are made to offer a more drastic reduction in ride height. To decide which is right for you, first determine if you prefer to have your car perform, or look like it performs.

There is no answer, just personal preference. Should you do most of your performance driving while cruisin', then lowering springs will service you well. If you are into a little weekend competition, performance springs are better suited for your needs.

No matter what your interests or activities, the worst thing you can do is cut your factory springs. Roland Grath of H&R explained this: "Cutting your factory springs will result in spring rates that are impossible to determine. In addition, without precision forming or cutting equipment, each spring will be cut slightly different. This will give you, at best, unbalanced handling. It could be a very dangerous situation. It could also be a very dangerous situation." (HCI Oct/Nov 2000 premier issue)
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