How many tickets with the Fusion?

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I personaly have 1 already.
I was comming home from work at night going 90mph on the freeway.
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You would be correct in that there are no points for tint (cannot speak for every jurisdiction, but most follow the same guidelines). Points are usually for moving violations such as (higher) speeding, improper turns, blowing stop signs, no seatbelt etc. I personnally have never given a tint ticket (yup, I'm a cop). The wording up here (Ontario) merely states that the "window to the left or right of the driver...must not be coated with spray or other coloured or reflective material that substantially obscures the interior of the motor vehicle when viewed from outside the motor vehicle" s.73(3) Highway traffic act (Ontario). This is, of course, for officer safety purposes. That being said, points, in general , are for the purposes of tracking bad drivers. Accumulations result in license suspensions. As for insurance, all they care about is the number of tickets you get. It does not matter what for, get multiple tickets, up go the rates.....Drive Safe!!
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