How Many Miles, and How Old?

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How many miles do you all have on your Fusions now, and how long have you had it?

Me- About to hit 1,700 and bought mine Dec. 31st, 2005
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Got my First Black on Light stone SEL V6 in october and had 5617 miles on it. I just traded it the other day while I was at work (a little slow in the afternoon) because we finally got a Black on Black leather SEL V6, so now I am back to 237 miles. Best part about Leasing and working in sales at the dealership...even with about 3K of negative equity when I turned it in, lease money factors were so much better than the first time i leased the other fusion that I only went up 10 bucks a month to get what I wanted.


06 Fusion SEL V6 Black on Black Leather
05 Murano SL AWD Silver on Black Leather
87 Supra Twin Turbo
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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