How long to get build date/delievery info?

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:D I ordered my Fusion the first week of March. My dealer told me it would take 6 to 8 weeks for delievery. I am fine with that. My only question is how long does it take Ford (or other manufacturers, for that matter) to determine estimated build date or delievery? I just assumed that I would know within a week or two when my car would be built. :?

Btw. I ordered Fusion SE I4, 5spd manual with sport package. Redfire metallic, Camel leather interior.

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:shock: You guys are killing me!!!!! Green_fusion.........Five months!!! Maybe it took so long because of the color, I didn't see green listed as a choice. :lol: Fusion_one.......It's been almost three months for you. I know that there are certain times of the year that individual plants are shut down for maintainance and/or retooling, but I would think that the Fusion plant would be running non-stop since it just came out last fall.
I did read on one of the forums that there was a delay for cars with sunroofs (a supplier problem). Was your car a sunroof car Fusion_one? Maybe it took this long because of the holidays.........New Years, MLK, Presidents, etc. :D Anywho, I am with you, and hope your car shows up Monday., Let me know if it was worth the wait! :lol:

:D I spoke to my salesman today. System is showing build date end of next week/end of month. :) This takes me to 8 Weeks.. Salesman said it would take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery, so far everything is still on schedule. I am getting antsy though 8)!!!!!!
Salesman emailed me today, :D my car shipped today :klavergreg:

I'm up to about 10 weeks now :?
I finally got my Fusion, :klavergreg: I placed my order the first week of March, salesman said it would take 6-8 weeks for delivery. car came in last week of May. That makes about 12 weeks for delivery. Car arrived exactly as I had ordered :D I only have 2, I picked up the car Monday after work, and hit a deer Friday night, just a tiny ding in the front fender but still :x it took less than a week to ding the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second, and this may be my imagination, the shifter on my car does not feel as smooth as the car I test drove.

At this point I have racked up about 1800 miles and am very pleased with the car.

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