How long to get build date/delievery info?

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:D I ordered my Fusion the first week of March. My dealer told me it would take 6 to 8 weeks for delievery. I am fine with that. My only question is how long does it take Ford (or other manufacturers, for that matter) to determine estimated build date or delievery? I just assumed that I would know within a week or two when my car would be built. :?

Btw. I ordered Fusion SE I4, 5spd manual with sport package. Redfire metallic, Camel leather interior.

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You can try this link. The guru's name who provides all the information you are looking for is Kzinti. He mainly searches for info on Ford Mustangs but if you ask nicely he will help you, he did for my Fusion, just go to this link, find the last page and add a post with your V.I.N if you have it yet. Otherwise you will need an order # (dlr can probably give it to you) and a dealer code (dealer again)

Good Luck
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