How long till you run out of gas ???

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Has anyone actually run out of gas?  If so how many miles/Km's did the car travel once the info center said 0 till empty.  Just curios cuz mine now says zero.  This is just an interested to know question.  Has anyone out there installed the clear BRA on the front end of the car.  If so your comments wiould be greatly appreciated.
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well i thought i could make it to the gas station i always hit on 401 and there was a strong head wind and a ton of rain. My computer said i could make it at first but then i kept my eye on it and my millage was dropping like crazy. Anyways i got to a station and the computer said i had 10 kilometers to go and i put 62 liters in the 66 liter tank.
so i would say the computer is pretty close.
well it depends on highway i get about 31 mpg running 120 but when im in town it drags my average down. I still manage to get approximately 800 km a tank :eek:
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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