How long till you run out of gas ???

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Has anyone actually run out of gas?  If so how many miles/Km's did the car travel once the info center said 0 till empty.  Just curios cuz mine now says zero.  This is just an interested to know question.  Has anyone out there installed the clear BRA on the front end of the car.  If so your comments wiould be greatly appreciated.
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Can't help you on running out of gas, but my experience is that you have more than the DTE says (Ford doesn't want you running our of gas due to their computer). As for the clear bra- DON"T buy one from ebay. I had a professionally installed one on previous car and it worked great. So I thought I would try one for $25 from a dealer on ebay. It wasn't cut well and did not work. I complained and he sent me another- same result. I think the clear bra is a good thing- especially if you travel a lot or need a lot of protection due to road conditions. However, I would pay the extra $$$ and have it done professionally.
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