Horn not working

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Hey, my horn stop working!  It only works about 40% of the time.  First noticed it when I was locking the doors.  Now it hardly ever works execpt when at the dealer.  Seems restarting the car resets the horn.  Hopefully I'm not starting a string of electical/computer issues.


Anyone else with a horn issue?

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No problem with mine. Do a visual and check for ground wires not tight. :madthrow:
When does it not work? Is it only when setting the alarm or is it with the alarm and horn pad on the steering wheel?
You are right but beware, intermittent electrical issues can be a hair puller, even for the dealer. If it quits completely, that would be the best-case scenario.
The dealer is a new thing with me that I guess I have to remember. I have been turning wrenches all my life and I better readjust my thinking.
Anyway, if you want to get adventurous, there is a ground wire for both horns and if that’s not it, there is a smart junction box with a non-removable horn relay in it, with logic control. They may have to replace it.

I wish you well!
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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