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Well I have been reading all your post! Seem that I would be making a good choice, the wife and I tested 1 with some 18inch rims already on it, ride was still smooth. It seems the biggest prblm is the tint job, here in Vegas I would need it. Hopefully will find some 1 that can do a good job. Lets see I work for Ford so believe me I have been reading a lot of positive thngs about the fusion. I myself like the V6SE, dont need all that leather, can some 1 say CTS(front?) Camry(rear).. The wife said she did not like that logo on the front, ad her some-1 will come out with aftrmrkt soon. Love all that space/ Trunck huge, hooks for grocerybags,.. Pretty much sold, just having a hard tiime choosing color Black,white,silver,silver frost.. Black very elegant, prblm dust,construction area. Most likely I will have my 3 yr dghtr choose it? I hope to be part of this group in the future, plans will be to mod a bit? intake,cpu,exhaust,rims 1st?
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