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Hi All...
As this aspect of 'exterior mod' has not been touched upon (to my knowledge) or even mentioned in the 'ext mod' thread (as far as i can tell)...I ordered these a week or so ago for an 'exercise in aesthetics'...basically a 'whadda think about these'...ultimately ...'should I or shouldn't I.'
The scoop on the left is a Lund...the one on the rite is a AVS.
These are ABS, nonfuntional, stick on scoops & the smallest I could find. Got both from JCW with a RMA enclosed just in case they are both 'poo-poo'd' by 1 or all. are some shots of them on the car in the 'ram air' position & 'cowl induction' position.

Lund 'ram air' position...

Lund 'cowl induction' position

AVS 'ram air' position

AVS 'cowl induction' position


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1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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