History and information on TrapZero SO

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-Hawk Enterprises
-TrapZero SG, January 1, ____

TrapZero SG, or TrapZero Software Group, was formed by the merger of Hawk Enterprises with three software developers. While intended to be a combination of resources in order to work on larger projects, no project ever materialized as a joint development. Several products were released under the TrapZero SG name, however, jointly with the name of the developer. These included products by KB Productions and by Michael Piatek., July 30, 2003
-TrapZero SO
-FMVperformance Automotive Communities

With the launch of, needed to reinvent itself. It was no longer only providing services for one vehicle. FMVperformance Automotive Communities was the answer. This name provided an umbrella site under which all future forum launches sat.

-Chevrolet Colbalt

-TrapZero Hosting Services

As development times between major revisions of forum software for Mazda3Forums grew longer, and large amounts of power therefore unnecessary outside of the server(s) actually running Mazda3Forums, TrapZero SO found itself with a glut of servers. To help fill them, and thus offset the cost of keeping them, it turned to providing hosting services for clients. Several members of the forums, as well as people and businesses outside of the forums, continue to run their sites through TrapZero Hosting Services. Inquiries can still be made at or by contacting the administration of the forums.

-TrapZero, LLC
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