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So you dabble on the street a bit, right? Not cool cause you can wreck and collect others with you. Plus, tickets are a pain in the butt!!!! Big money, loss of license and possible jail time if you're REALLY doin something stupid.

Well, time to graduate. LEGAL street racing. Yeah. Every forum in the country says street racing is illegal, right? Well, what about if it's SCCA sanctioned? Has a points structure. And you can drive as fast as you want......then hillclimbing is for you. Time trial style. 1 car at a time and nothing but you and the road for 1 - 2.3miles.

I've put together a few courses we run in that video. You can see, it's just wide open, drive like crazy...without crashing, of course! These are real roads, shut down for 2 days. Rules are followed by either SCCA rule books: GCR or Solo. Street Prepared and Street Mod are the only rules pulled from the Solo book. 4pt SCCA approved bar, fire suit(head to toe), harnesses and fire extinguisher are all that are required. SCCA regional license is just a matter of filling out the paperwork and dropping the yearly fee. Event fees are usually around $150 or less for the 2 days. On a typical weekend, we get 12 to 13 runs so there's pleanty of time to improve your time.

Check out the schedule at and hope to see new faces this year.
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