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So I've installed some 5K HIDs from DDM tuning. I have issues turning the lights on.

When I hit the unlock button, both lights come on fine w/ no problem.

But say after a while when I'm driving, and any inclimate weather comes about, is making me turn my lights on. When I do that, only one or the other light will come on, and the dash will either read "CHECK LEFT HEADLAMP" or "CHECK RIGHT HEADLAMP" depending on which HID gets enough juice first. Also, since it's gotten colder, my driver HID comes on for a min, then blinks intermittently, the goes out. When I turn the headlamps off and turn them on, they'll do it again, only for me to do it a third time, and they work fine. Why does this happen? How can I fix it?

**Also, is there a good specific place to mount the ballast? I have a 2009 SE.
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