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My part arrived today and I was able to take the seat apart to replace the heater mat. The nice thing about working on a seat is that you can do it in the living room!

You can see where the heating wire actually burned into the seat cushion and the leather. I'm surprised that I didn't smell that. There was no visual indication of this on the outer surface of the leather.

I ordered the part from Fords Part Center for about $65.00. Their online parts catalog does not list part numbers but when you order they take your VIN and you can provide a description of the part you need. My part number (Ford part #) was 14D696 for the driver's cushion heater.

The replacement took about an hour and the hardest part were the hog rings, only because access to them is a little difficult with two pair of pliers.


Shawn - What service manual book did you purchase for the '06 Fusion? I'm having this exact same issue with an '06 Fusion SEL I just purchased a few weeks ago. Again, mine is out of warranty and I've been using the seat heater since I purchased the vehicle as it's been pretty cold here. I had the same issue where it got extremely hot before it actually stopped working.

Anyway, I called a service department and they're guestimating $300 - $500 to have them fix it. I am going to try and do this on my own but want to find a good service book before I delve into it.


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