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Okay so I posted this topic in interior modifications, but it didn't get any replies so I thought I would try putting it in this forum. So I am looking at getting some headrest monitors for my fusion and I have no clue what kind to get. I already have a planet audio in-dash dvd player, so my question is what kind would you guys recommend? Thanks for the input!

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Whats your budget like?

You can get sets of actual headrests with monitors installed already by pyle cor about $200. But there not the highest quality or largest size (I think their 5 and a half inch), or you can get Alpine, Pioneer, or kenwood monitors you have to install yourself (good quality and 7inches) for $150-$300 each), tehn theres the cream O the crop Sony's and other name brands that go upto $400 for touch screen modules that allow for radio and DVD controls in the back seat.

I think I saw some run o the mill dual monitors for sale at bestbuy for like $200 for a pair (meaning you can get away with one output), but I know nothing of the quality.
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