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Okay so I just got my Fusion about a month ago and I wanted to put my in-dash dvd player in it but come to find out the car is too new to have a dash kit and wiring harness for it. So long story short I was wondering if anyone else ran into this problem and how you fixed it. Well thanks for the help!

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Dash kit from a '04-'05 Ford F150 pickup will work, Wiring Harness was from a Mercury Marauder, Used both to install my AVIC-D1 from Pioneer.  FYI, pinout for Stock Wiring Harness is listed below, Hope this helps...

Pin1   -   Blue/Red   -   Voltage supplied at all times
Pin2   -   Green   -   Accessory Delay Relay Switched Output
Pin3   -   N/A   -   Not Used
Pin4   -   N/A   -   Not Used
Pin5   -   Violet/Black   -   Antenna Power
Pin6   -   N/A   -   Not Used
Pin7   -   N/A   -   Not Used
Pin8   -   White   -   Left Front Speaker +
Pin9   -   Brown/Green   -   Left Rear Speaker +
Pin10 -   Brown/White   -   Right Rear Speaker +
Pin11 -   White/Violet   -   Right Front Speaker +
Pin12 -   White/Orange   -   Right Front Speaker -
Pin13 -   Black/Blue   -   Ground
Pin14 -   N/A   -   Not Used
Pin15 -   Gray/Brown   -   Voltage Supplied in Start (Overload Protection)
Pin16 -   N/A   -   Not Used
Pin17 -   N/A   -   Not Used
Pin18 -   Gray/Yellow   -   Audio Steering Wheel Switch Signal
Pin19 -   Blue/White   -   Audio Steering Wheel Switch Return
Pin20 -   N/A   -   Not Used
Pin21 -   White/Brown   -   Left Front Speaker -
Pin22 -   Brown/Yellow   -   Left Rear Speaker -
Pin23 -   Brown/Blue   -   Right Rear Speaker -
Pin24 -   N/A   -   Not Used

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Pic of my AVIC-D1 installed using the kit mentioned above... Note about the F150 dash kit, It has two small plastic posts that line up with alignment holes in the F150 but are just a bit off from the alignment holes in the Fusion.  Just cut the little posts off and all will be well... Hope this helps, If you need any additional help feel free to pm me at [email protected]

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