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Just wondering if any 2006-2009 Milan owners have figured out how to better realign the trunk lid taillights w/ the 1/4 panel taillights?

I was looking at the function of the trunk lid again and saw that the lid has (2) rubber bump stops on it, which come in contact w/ the sheet metal (body) once it is closed. I'm wondering if those bump stops are just too large (long), which is preventing the lid from actually closing properly, thus causing the ever so slight misalignment? For those who have not looked yet, take a look at what I am talking about - it may be plausible to trim the bump stops down, which may allow the lid to sit better & causing proper alignment.

There is no adjustment that I can find for the actual trunk lid hinge mechanism - and I'm not sure if the taillights themselves can be "adjusted"...


There has to be a way of correcting this...
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