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Hell yall, I need help.
my 2006 Ford Fusion 4 cylinder has a horrible vibration in Drive when at a stop with the AC on. If I put the car in neutral (AC still on) the vibration practically disappears, I have already replaced the engine mount and transmission mount, the torque mount (underside) seems to be in good condition, the rubber has no tears/cracks at all, I even removed it to inspect it. I have also replaced the spark plugs and belt tensioner pulley as well. If the car has no load on it, and I am at a stop light when the vehicle in drive, the engine vibrations are still there, but nowhere near as bad, if I put the car in neutral it is smooth as can be. I just don’t think it’s any of the mounts, I’m thinking the AC compressor is going out. Also, when the AC is on, it will be blowing ice cold and then intermittently blow cool air for a few seconds then back to cold. I need some advice!
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