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Our stock low beams are kind of weak.  Next time when you get on your car just turn on your low beams with our the fog lights. You see a real weak distance and some parts are brighter then the other, makes it look like the old 1980's cap on lights that i cant barely see.   :grr:

Then turn off your low beams and turn on your fog lights.  You see how the light reflects everywhere and its nice and flat.  (That is why I love projectors) 

Now for the H.I.D upgrade will only help about 30%.  You still have the weak reflection on some parts and still doesnt go further.  Now our fog lights with H.I.D's are great.  It expandes the view more, goes our further and looks nice due to that it is a projector.

Here are a few pics of cars with H.I.D kits and the ugly glare and patern

[glow=red,2,300]Now if you are looking to do a H.I.D upgrade on your fusion on the low beams please read this:[/glow]

You are waisting your money.  Yes they look nice and yes they are bright.  But consider this; Its illegal and not D.O.T approved, plainly worthless of our stock halogen low beam lamps.  The Halogen lamps will not control the H.I.D beam pattern.  It will throw the light every where and it looks like a big mess.  Trust me I know because I have them. :bash:

I know you are asking "but why does BMW, Mercedes and all these elite cars come with H.I.D's".
The answer is because they where made with H.I.D reflectors or their projectors where specially done for H.I.D's.  The reflectors and the Projectors control the H.I.D beam pattern and they have a cut-off light to it.  Dont you notice sometimes when you see a BMW and the lights are flickin purple, white and blue.  Thats the cut off light. 

here are the orignal H.I.D's and their cut off

Good news for us who want the H.I.D upgrade is called "Retro-fit".  D.O.T legal
You modify your stock housing for H.I.D's. here is a few examples.
You take a car who comes stock with H.I.D  projector or reflector and modify it to your stock houseing.

Here is a guy who did it to a Ford Explorer.

If you want to know more about Retro-Fits, H.I.D and L.E.D's go to this forum web site, they will help you every step of the way.  Very soon I am going to start money when I collect some funds. :klavergreg:  :goodjob:
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