GPS BT 338 + Dell AXIM 50V + Destinator PN Software

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Bluetooth GPS Receiver BT 338 Version 3.1.1 - 6 months old lightly used no marks - $120 OBO

Destinator PN - US & Canada - Whole Original Box - $120 OBO (PM for "additional" software enquiries or offer)

Dell Axim X50V - $350 CAD OBO. No marks no scratches all boxes and manuals and cradle etc

PM with offer or email [email protected].

Thread will be locked, all enquires via PM and Email.
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maybe it has sentimenatl value? :klavergreg: :klavergreg:
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good for you.

Look, if you want to post the thing for a million bucks that is ok--but don't call it threadcrapping if someone points out that the price is too high.

624 mhz units are on sale at dell for less. Dell provides warranties. If the person who bought it does not care, that is cool.

I would have pm'd you with the price I would have paid but what's the point? You would not have sold it to me.

blah blah blah blah and on and on he goes...

blah blah blah, you go on...

I think im gonna have to agree with grey on this onee :D, He was just tryin to keep someone from getting ripped off.
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