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I'm going to install my HID kit again. I had a tough time with one of the bulbs last time and really don't want to talk about it. :lol:

At any rate, I was thinking of ways to secure the ballasts and I thought I'd ask ideas. The double-sided tape thing ISN'T going to work. For one thing, it's very HUMID down here and the tape won't stay on there more than a couple minutes before peeling off. I also thought about metal strapping stuff used for mufflers to attach it somewhere in the bay.

What have you guys used? I certainly don't want to attach it to the fender due to vibration and the fact that it won't sit flat there anyway. Thanks for the info. My kit is the 5K Apexcone kit.

Yea the other day I checked under the hood and found that both ballast were just haning in the engine compartment.

So I just got some zip ties and zip tied them to the body of the car.
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