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:shock: Took a trip out on an open highway to an event. This highway is relativliy flat, has a few curves. I was cruising along at about 75MPH when I noticed in my review mirror a Subaru Forester was catching up to me. He pulled along side and it happened to be a turbo version. I glanced over at him and he was laughing at me!! pointing at my Fusion! He kept accelerating and backing down, wanted to race!?? I was ticked off. I punched my Fusion and wow!!! :shock: at 75mph this car took off like a rocket. I am not kidding, I had no idea the car had more to give even at 75MPH. I was up to 100 in no time. I left the Subaru 2 car lengths behind. I backed down to about 75 again, he came again wanted to go again. We went again, same result. I didnt want any tickets or accidents, there was traffic coming up, so I backed down to 75.. He passed me giving me two thumbs up this time.... Man! I love this car... 8)
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Glad to hear it pulls so well at 75 MPH+. I'm guessing you have the V6.
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