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I've had my 07 Fusion SE for about 4 months now, and have a little over 10000K on it. When I first got the car i really liked the suspension. I like stiffer suspensions so I was very happy with it, and also surprised that the ride quality was good as well. It seemed like a good balance between sporty and comfortable. Recently though (maybe the last month or so) I've really noticed a degradation in the suspension.

Along smooth surfaces, the car rides fine and there are no problems. But over large bumps or even very small ones, the car seems to shake, rattle, and just feel very unstable. The suspension has gone from being fairly stiff to loose. All the rattling and vibration over the bumps is really starting to annoy me, and the car feels very loose like it's not hugging the ground as well as it used to.

I've contacted the dealer once and they have told me that it's normal for the suspension to loosen up a little with use, but if the problem is getting worse to bring it in.

Has anyone else experienced the same thing with the suspension? It just doesn't seem normal at only 10000K for the suspension to be giving out.

Any thoughts or opinions?? Thanks
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