Fusion S

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Picked it up Sat. afternoon. I had to get a white one. It took a few days to get it because the dealership didn't have a white Fusion on the lot. Anyway, so far so good. The only bad thing is it has been raining too much. :( It was a nice and clean. When I get it clean maybe I'll post up some pics. A few q's:

Tint on the windows. I hear there is a problem getting the tint to go on the back window because of all the dots on the top of the glass. Anyone else hear about this or have their windows tinted?

Oil change on the I4. What is up with the cannister thing? How much are you paying for oil changes? I have had trucks the last 10+ years and have always changed the oil myself. With this cannister filter, I may have it done.

Who has XM or Sirius? I had XM in my truck. But, I let the tuner go in the trade. I really want a behind the dash type kit. Anyone have one?

Last but not least, am I the only one here with an S?
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Thanks for the responses! All good info! Looks like I found the right site. I called the dealership. They said 29.99 for an oil change. I'm still debating what I want to do. I have always done it myself. But, I think I'll let them do the first one. :)
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