Fusion S $15,900 OTD - what a car, what a deal!

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I'm lovin' my new Fusion! I can't believe that such an amazing car can sell for under $16K OTD (with $1K rebate and 0.9% financing). Then when you consider all the standard equipment on this midsize it's almost an impossible value to beat. Did I mention that it's the best looking 4 door sedan on the road, is fun to drive, has a super smooth engine, great shifter/clutch and excellent brakes? Well it does.  8) :D

The only option I ordered was the Safety & Security package (side curtain airbags & alarm) which adds about $555 to the above price.
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Congrats on your purchase! How do you like the manual trans? I love mine! And yes, the engine is very, very smooth for a 4 cylinder and even smoother than some 6's of the not-too-distant past.
I didn't even know the ZX2 used the same trans as the Fusion. Did you notice any difference with the synthetic trans fluid in your Escort? How does your Fusion compare to the ZX2 in terms of straight line power? I drove a ZX2 auto and thought it was pretty quick for what it was. I think you'll like the 2.3 - I have over 3000 miles on mine now and am still amazed by its smoothness and refinement.
The Fusion manual has a 4.39 axle ratio, but it probably weighs 500 lbs more than the Escort. I think the auto 2.3 has a 3.86 ratio. Full synthetic fluid sounds good to me! I'll have to see when they recommend changing it.
16.2 in the quarter for a ZX2! I don't think our 2.3 Fusions can match that (at least not from the seat of the pants feel). That is about what my '95 V8 TBird ran, although it was a slug until 3000 rpm and was dead above 5000rpm. That car had a pretty narrow powerband for a V8, far less performance than a Fusion V6. I think I will eventually add a CAI to my car as well as a good 87 octane tune.
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