Fusion S $15,900 OTD - what a car, what a deal!

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I'm lovin' my new Fusion! I can't believe that such an amazing car can sell for under $16K OTD (with $1K rebate and 0.9% financing). Then when you consider all the standard equipment on this midsize it's almost an impossible value to beat. Did I mention that it's the best looking 4 door sedan on the road, is fun to drive, has a super smooth engine, great shifter/clutch and excellent brakes? Well it does.  8) :D

The only option I ordered was the Safety & Security package (side curtain airbags & alarm) which adds about $555 to the above price.
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mine's not a stick, but I love the 4, I have the SEL so I did pay more around $21,000, but still I love it.
I had a V6 in my Ranger I last had and it only had 154Hp and didn't have the kick this car has at 160Hp
only 6Hp difference, but being a truck and this a great handling car, the difference was very noticable.
plus the gas mileage is more than doubled in the Fusion as opposed to the Ranger.
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