Fusion Pace Car(Nascar)

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Did anyone else see the Fusion pace car this weekend in the NASCAR race at Chicago Land Speedway?

Well it was very sweet looking. I would love to own that one. Unfortuanatly a Ford didn't when after all, but
Matt Kinseth was on his way to win one...atleast he led most of the laps, but Jeff Gordon kinda bumped him
from behind just a little and won the race. Now I know that most people would say that he did it on purpose
but I really don't think he did, you could clearly see on the replays that Kinseth had to check up just a little going
through the middle of the corner and Gordon wasn't going to cut him any slack because of the past race that
Kinseth had spun him out. I wonder what NASCAR is going to do to Jeff for this one seeing how he was on
probation already for his temper problem?
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Actually yes I saw the car. It was just a black Fusion with lights on the top though, nothing to spectacular. As soon as I saw that it was a NASCAR race I continued to flip through the channels to find something else to put me to sleep on a Sunday afternoon. Personally, NASCAR has no appeal to me. What does NASCAR accomplish in the long run? It doesn't help make my car better. How did that saying used to go, "Win on Sunday sell on Monday?" What does that car that is racing on Sunday have ANYTHING to do with my car that I drive on Monday? Absolutely nothing! I did buy a Fusion yes, but it was not because they run it in NASCAR!

I want to see a race where the manufacturers use what they make in a race! Race that damn Duratec V6! Bring back some type of manufacturers cup race! I want that saying, "Win on Sunday sell on Monday" to mean something again. Much like they do in Motorcyle racing! My Yamaha R6 kicks ass because it came from racing. My Fusion gets good gas mileage, whoohoo!
Try GT Racing. Most of those cars are damn near stock. Fun to watch and helps our cars!
Damn, I'm sorry, didn't mean to provoke any non nascar fans out there.
I hope you were able to function the rest of the day after reading this. If there is anything I can do
for you now please let me know. I own a 2000 ZX6R and love watching them race too.
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