Fusion or Milan?

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Who has better options and exterior design?
I think I should have looked a little bit more at the Mercury.

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the milan looks really good in person.

fusion i think is OK for a while, but after awhile it looks like a stupid ricer car.

zephyr has weird tail lights and the front is not as attractive as the milan

the milan is the best looking one, and also the best looking interior
piano black is plastic. that stuff looks cheaper than the metal trim. the metal trim in the milan acutally looks pretty good, it is more acura quality metal trim than say chevrolet quality.

the fusion looks liek a rice burner. and no, caddys and bmws do not

the 14 spoke wheels on the milan look great and stylish. it is part of what looks good on the milan
it makes it look more expensive. the aluminum grille also makes it looks more expensive whereas the ford razor blade grille looks cheap. (i'm not a fan of the chromed out VW grills either)

the fusion turns heads because it looks wierd, not because it looks good.

milan looks the best out of the 3. i bet you never seen one in person or driven one. i thought the fusion looked better at first, but after seeing all 3 cars in person, the milan is the clear winner.
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also if you look at other forums, not just people who love the fusion

for example the autoweek forums, it is a clear consensus that the milan looks better.
if you actually see a milan in person, it actually stands out as an elegant and beautiful car.

if you think the milan has "neutral styling", i doubt you've seen it in person. the milan has better lines than the fusion. Almost everything about the fusion's exterior looks weird and cheap.

the fusion's 5 spoke wheels also look much cheaper than the milan premier's 14 spoke wheels.
these wheels are pure sex:

the fusion seriously looks like a gilette product instead of a car.
where are you seeing so many fusions and milans?

ive only seen like 2 fusions on the road, and the only time i've seen a milan is when i went for a test drive
lol detroit no wonder

here in the bay area california, theres no fusions
to me, the body lines look better on the milan.

to me it doesnt seem like the fusion was designed first. it seems like the mazda 6 was designed first and the fusion is just trying to wrap the 427 concept around the mazda 6 platform.

yeah well i guess it is good that they have both cars to fit different people's tastes
also, the milan was designed first as it is CD334, while fusion is CD338 and zephyr is CD367
the body lines of the fusion looks nothing like the 427.. they just slapped 427 headlights and grilles on a mercury milan lol. to me, fusion headlights, grilles, taillights look out of place. i seriously doubt the car is meant to look like that.. they already had the CD3 platform ready to make the car, probably with a ford five hundred grille, but some last minute 427 fanbois decide that it would be good to put 427 details on that body. to me the body lines of the milan flow much more smoothly and looks much more classy.

the 427 stuff looks better on a 427, and not on a CD3 body.
lol im not getting upset, you are. i dont own either a fusion or a milan. i am thinking of getting one soon though.

the camry looks lke crap yet so many people own it and are thinking of buy one.

just because more people own the fusion doesn't mean it looks better.

how old are you anyways? if you are 30, you are awfully immature for your age.

to look at most auto enthusiasts' opinion of fusion and milan styling, go here:
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of course there are some people who agree with you. but a quick sample of car enthusiasts at autoweek shows most people prefer the milan appearance, and a lot of people are pretty enthusiastic about it

and also, your sources contain incorrect information such as 210 hp. why would you expect the rest of the article to be correct?

most people buy the fusion because it seems to be cheaper for exactly same car.

however, most people don't realize that if you option out both the fusion and the milan, the milan becomes cheaper and it is a better deal.

you seem to think im anti-fusion. i'm not. its my next favorite car after the milan, mainly because of its handling.

however, i am just expressing the opinion, which is shared by many other car enthusiasts, that fusion styling is a bit ricey and misguided.

if you see a fusion and milan side by side, and ask a random guy to guess which car is more expensive, he definitely will say the milan.
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hell, even look at the replies to this thread. The majority prefer the Milan. Even the admin of this board prefers the milan
obviously when i meant loaded, i meant a V6, not the 2.3

try again.
for the record, a fully loaded mercury milan V6 premier is $26290
a fully loaded fusion SEL V6 is $26445

both have $500 rebates.

clearly if you want the most luxurious fusion/milan possible, the milan is the better deal
i thiink i got whats different about the 3 models

fusion = japanese styling
milan = european styling
zephyr = american styling
[quote author=shadowfall1976 link=topic=43339.msg693190#msg693190 date=1146506043]
tell me then if the Fusion wasn't the first car designed, why do the body seams on the other cars seem like something
is missing or that the bumpers don't mesh well with the taillights?, all they did was  add different lights &
made a new for that model rear bumper to make up the difference.

and for the record.... not everyone wants the damn tiny bit of so called luxury that tha Milan may provide over the Fusion, and
how much more Luxury, is there, the damn cars are identical in performance & handling, not one is better than the other
in those cases they have the same components & are dialed in the same way, so what other than looks could make one better
than the other???? .... nothing. and also for the record like I said, my Fusion was way less than the equally optioned Milan, when I
priced as I said before, with actual lot numbers, not web site numbers, and both had $1000 rebates & owner loyalty cash back.
but as I stated why if I had gotten it the reasons for the Milan, and it wasn't for looks. 4 or 6cyl be damned, who cares?

to me, the body seams on the fusion looks like something was missing and that the lights don't match up well with the body shape. The Milan looks perfect. the fusion looks like a ***** impersonation of the honda cr-v or something, except uglier.

i never said your fusion was more expensive than an equally optioned out milan. i said that when options are maxed out, the fusion is more expensive.

the fusion wasn't designed that way. their computer designed programs can easily slap on new headlights and grilles on a car. clearly, the fusion headlights do not fit its body. The mercury milan minus the waterfall grille was supposed to be the original one. The fusion is just a lame last minute change by swapping in 427 details.

i am curious, how old are you? you talk like a 5 year old
[quote author=ppdiaporama link=topic=43339.msg694602#msg694602 date=1146538346]
If you're going to engage in a discussion you should respect your peer's opinions even if they are different than yours.  The use of petty adjectives will only lessen the credibility and impact of your own argments.  In fact, the only thing poor communication skills will do is shut people out.

Before you ask how old I am ... I'm 32, soon to be 33.  I live in suburban Montreal.  My mother toungue is French, my shoe size is 9 1/2 but some 9 and some 10s will fit.  My waist is 34, my neck is 16 1/2.   I own a Mac not a PC.  Oh, and I drive with my hands at 10 and 2 and I think 110 km/h is a much more appropriate speed than 110 mph regardless of whether it's a Fusion, a Milan, a Pinto, or a Bobcat.



10 2 is dangerous driving position. it is less control, and also more fatigue, and also if the airbag deploys you are going to have prosthetic limbs. also, 110mph is much better speed than 110kmh. it is scientifically proven.
shadowfall1976, you just got pwned by waldo, who actually worked on the ford CD3 project. lol at any further comments you try to make.

companies make statemetns bcause they want to sell products, not because they want to tell the truth.

your arguments dont make sense anyway. how does fusion owned by many people imply that its not a crappy copy of a cr-v? lol at your (lack of) logic.

lol go back to your trailer
[quote author=bkd1125 link=topic=43339.msg696830#msg696830 date=1146613324]
I think the Fusion just turns more heads like others say. The Milan in my opinion just kinda blends in with all the other luxury cars out there. I got a Tungston Silver Fusion SE and I dont know how many times people have asked me about the car. People seem to ask me about the color too. Ive also had a few people ask to check out my car because they were thinking about buying one. Dont get me wrong, the Milan is a great car, but I would pick the Fusion over it anyday. The Milan just seems like a car an older person would drive in my opinion. My friend has a Milan and nobody has ever asked him about it. Fusion all the way!!!

the reason is that the milan looks like a luxury car and the fusion looks affordable, thats why people want to buy it, because it looks like they can afford it. the milan is much more hot and pimp with the aluminum grille, but it also looks more expensive so poeple wont think of buying it. Do an experiment: Go pick up 50 chicks with a fusion and 50 chicks with a milan, configured equally, and tally the # of girls you score with each car. I bet the milan would be higher.
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