Fusion or Milan?

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Who has better options and exterior design?
I think I should have looked a little bit more at the Mercury.

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We don't have Mercury in Canada so the Milan was never an option.

Personally I find the Fusion to be better looking (more sporty + I like all the chrome). I find the Milan's interior is a bit nicer than the Fusion. I really don't like the faux-carbonfibre in the SE ... I feel like driving down to the states one day after work and picking up the Milan part ...
If you're going to engage in a discussion you should respect your peer's opinions even if they are different than yours. The use of petty adjectives will only lessen the credibility and impact of your own argments. In fact, the only thing poor communication skills will do is shut people out.

Before you ask how old I am ... I'm 32, soon to be 33. I live in suburban Montreal. My mother toungue is French, my shoe size is 9 1/2 but some 9 and some 10s will fit. My waist is 34, my neck is 16 1/2. I own a Mac not a PC. Oh, and I drive with my hands at 10 and 2 and I think 110 km/h is a much more appropriate speed than 110 mph regardless of whether it's a Fusion, a Milan, a Pinto, or a Bobcat.


1 - 2 of 93 Posts
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