Fusion or Milan?

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Who has better options and exterior design?
I think I should have looked a little bit more at the Mercury.

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I work at a Ford-Mercury dealer and sales wise we're seeing much higher demand for the Fusion. Residual values are also slightly higher on Fusion.

My opinion is that I like the Milan interior (extra dome lamp, covered cupholders, chrome around gauges), prefer the Milan LED taillamps (for LED, not completly sold on the Japanese look of the shape, but is rapidly growing on me), I like the Milan Headlamps because they make the car look wider. Also all the V6 Milans have the Crome exhaust tips.

Having said all that we bought a Fusion because I really like the chrome trim and Grille. We went black and on the dark colors all that chrome really stands out. If I were buying a lighter color I'd have probably went with the Milan.
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