Fusion Interview - ST/SVT coming!

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Pretty sweet interviews with the Fusion team. Click on the first video and he talks about a hotter engine in 2007 and maybe (fingers crossed) an ST/SVT in 08/09!
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True, but the G35 has a base price of $32K and isn't Camry/Accord/Fusion competition.
True that.
By the way.... The Solid Axle in the Mustang isn't merely a cost issue. If it was, we'd se the IRS in the new Shelby Mustang. The Solid axle was more stable, and could handle more horsepower.
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Why didn't ford make the Fusion Rwd?
For the same reason the competition (Accord, Camry, Malibu, Sebring etc.) didn't. There's simply no call for it in the midsize family sedan market.

and yet the Infinity G35 Sedan does have their family car with RWD... :(

The G35 is in the premium sport sedan/entry level luxury, not midsize sedan class.

It competes with the BMW 3er, lexus is, merc c, and audi a4.

The new 335i from BMW walks all over it as well.
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