Fusion Interview - ST/SVT coming!

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Pretty sweet interviews with the Fusion team. Click on the first video and he talks about a hotter engine in 2007 and maybe (fingers crossed) an ST/SVT in 08/09!
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[quote author=UtOhCop link=topic=42397.msg623830#msg623830 date=1142746186]
Why didn't ford make the Fusion Rwd? There's only so much you can do with Fwd

Because many of us Northerners don't want rear wheel drive in our daily drivers.  RWD is great for sports cars, but I want my wife in a FWD so she doesn't end up stuck in every driveway.

Also as to the 4 door built off of the Mustang, rumor is that it is being fast tracked through development to be a Chrysler 300 competitor, so I'd say it is likely to happen in 2009ish about the time the Camaro comes out.

As to needing IRS, I've driven the new Mustang and the GTO, and I'll take the Mustangs solid axle any day. Also as to NVH, have you driven a DEW-Lite Mustang? They arent' the fairmont chassis rattle traps like the old ones. Remember the DEW chassis was the Lincoln LS platform first so a 4 door isn't that difficult to come up with!
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