Fusion Interview - ST/SVT coming!

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Pretty sweet interviews with the Fusion team. Click on the first video and he talks about a hotter engine in 2007 and maybe (fingers crossed) an ST/SVT in 08/09!
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By the time it comes out i'll be looking to pick up a new camaro.
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The Camaro will cost waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than the Fusion.  At least for the first few years of production.

That all depends. My SEL was 23K and i've seen ones as high as 25K with leather and sunroof. An GT version will cost 28K-30K. In 02 you could get a fully loaded Z28 for 26K and SS for 30K. The 06 mustang GT is around 30K so i imagine gm will start the Z28 out around 28K. SS should be around 32K+.
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I think a Fusion GT is kind of pointless. A Mustang GT starts at ~$26k. A maxed Fusion is ~$24. So a ST/GT Fusion would be up around Mustang territory. Hmmmm....V8, RWD, Stick, or V6, FWD, Auto. I can't stand the Mustang's el cheapo all hard plastic interior, but given equal pricing, I'd take it over a Fusion. If Ford was smart, they'd just transplant the Mazdaspeed6 drivetrain into a Fusion. At least then it would have AWD, which the Mustang doesn't offer. 

Hell with an N/A V6. Fusion GT should be a twin turbo V6 :D
Why didn't ford make the Fusion Rwd? There's only so much you can do with Fwd
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