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Got this from ford's bold moves website.

The Fusion Hybrid: It’s Not a Rumor
12/11/2006 10:00:32 AM
Squarely in the "things that make you go, Hmmmmmm..." department are rumors of a hybrid Ford Fusion swirling online. According to, "Spies noticed that the parking lot of a facility known to be the primary development site for Ford's Escape Hybrid was suddenly awash in Fusion test cars." Apparently some enterprising folks have caught sight of a prototype with its hood up, exposing a label reading "HEV AC - DO NOT charge with Oil," writes the car blog.

Additionally, eagle-eyed LLN commenter Jeff in Canada notes that "... the bright orange high voltage power cabling, clearly visible in the first shot, really gives [the hybrid prototype] away." Well, we’re happy to report that there is no spying required on this one, friends. Ford has publicly acknowledged the development of the hybrid Fusion several times! Readers of the LLN piece are overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the idea, with aforementioned Jeff adding, "Not only have you already produced a far superior sedan than any of GM or DCX's comparable cars, but now you'll be the North American leader in hybrid vehicles. That's a Bold Move," while reader 90Z adds, "Good news for Ford. They need more competitive products. Since the Fusion is one of their better offerings, this seems like a good move. Besides, the Prius has dominated this market for too long - time for customers to have some choices and to give the Prius some competition."

I couldn't agree with you more, 90Z! What's more, with Ford's record of actually meeting EPA mileage estimates in the Escape hybrid (as opposed to certain other manufacturers' real vs. advertised hybrid mpg stats), this ought to be a slam dunk for FoMoCo.

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