Fusion Coupe

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Got my September Motor Trend yesterday, which had a two page article on Ford's future plans. They said that there will be a Fusion coupe produced, along with a "Boss" Mustang, completely revised sheet metal on the Mustang in 2008, a large SUV based on the 500, and a merging of the European and American Focus.
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I can almost guarantee a coupe version by 2008 at the latest. The platform is already built in the new plants which allow extremely fast line changes for retooling so making it to production would be very fast indeed if that is the route Ford decides to take.

All I want is an available 3.5 Twin Turbo, the four doors I actually like.
SVT I don;t think will happen in the immediate future unless SVT division can strike some kind of deal with Mazda to co develop a totally nasty 3.5. If the surveys posted to the Lincoln site about the possibility of the MKZ receiving a 3.5 Twin Turbo are any indication of direction you may get your SVT Fusion ala Lincoln style. I would like to see it in a fusion model as well for more cost conscious and the younger buyers. The younger crowd is what is going to help pull Ford out of the slump, if they will only recognize that and cater the line to meet demand they should be able to get back on top.
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