Fuel Economy V6 Fusion?

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I am a little bummed that my V6 Fusion only gets around 22.8 overall. I have only 3000 miles on it, perhaps it gets better as it breaks in or is this it?

My driving is about half city and half highway...
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Straight hwy at 75-80 mph I only average around 30mpg, not much better than the V6's I am afraid. The I4 manual revs pretty high at those speeds. To work and back which is stop and go, plus some hwy, plus some 45mph stretches, I average around 26-27. Just stop and go with little time in 5th gear...much less.
Hi Swoop. Cruising at 50-55mph, I can knock down 36 mpg easily, but at 75 mph I am turning 3200 rpm with the manual trans I4. That is quite a lot for the long-stroke 4. Today for my 400 mile trip today I had the cruise set at 75-80 mph but I also had 400lbs of extra passenger weight in my car, and I used the AC for a while too. Plus, our roads aren't as flat as those in Florida. Had the cruise on the whole way, and the air was pretty good today. 30.0 was my average at the end of the trip. But with my tune I am seeing about a 1mpg increase in fuel economy.
At 80 I am at 3500 and 100 mph at 4200 rpm, right on the torque peak! Not that I know from experience ;)

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Just did a 70mph home trip, and I'm at 2100rpm.  I'd venture a guess that at 75 I'd be at 2,300 and 80 if I recall is near 2,600 or 2,700.  I never really go that fast, hah!
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