Fuel Economy V6 Fusion?

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I am a little bummed that my V6 Fusion only gets around 22.8 overall. I have only 3000 miles on it, perhaps it gets better as it breaks in or is this it?

My driving is about half city and half highway...
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When I do half and half, I'm around 26-27. Straight up expressway, I break 31. Straight city, I'm around 21-22. I got 10,000 miles and a tuner from Bob Jusnes.
Iunno, man. Is it new? These things take a while to break in, i guess. Mine was nasty when I first got it, 100% expressway on cruise @ 75mph I was only at 25 and 26. Now, I have 5 on top of that.
Metallicat, I don't know where Northville is... I lived in SE Michigan for 20 years. The expressways around here in Florida and flat as a pancake and smooth. I know most of the roads in Michigan are tore up from the big trucks.

I believe that the road surface could play a part in that. I know when I am coasting [off the gas] my car will go forever without slowing drastically. On a rougher surface road, it will slow quicker. I figure that's more rolling resistance, and that could factor into the mileage?

Are you using cruise control? I am an avid fan of that, I I think that it yields better mileage, since I know some poeple "pulsate" the gas pedal with their foot, on and off, on and off. You may not feel it, but the car will use more gas that way. I use cruise anytime I can.

From the best I remember, I can get the car to shift into 6th gear [automatic/V6] around 42mph. There, it's at about 1,200rpm. 50mph is exactly 1,500rpm.

I believe that 70mph is 2,400rpm, maybe? I'll check on the way home from work for ya and post back. What kind of rpm's are you turning in the 4-banger?

Also, I noticed a pretty decent increase with the Jusnes tune, when I keep my foot out of it, at least. You?
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Just did a 70mph home trip, and I'm at 2100rpm. I'd venture a guess that at 75 I'd be at 2,300 and 80 if I recall is near 2,600 or 2,700. I never really go that fast, hah!
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